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Instructional Writers
Our instructional writing consultants create documentation using plain English words and structures to ensure user understanding. We are experienced researchers and write instructional material and reference documentation to assist the users of computer systems. We are also experts in writing policy and procedure documentation to meet the needs and structures of an organisation. 

Competency-Based Assessments

Training Needs Analysis

Instructional Design & Development

E-Learning Design & Development

Competency-Based Assessments: 
Competency-based assessment is the process of collecting evidence and making judgements about whether competency has been achieved. The principles of assessment require an assessment to be valid, reliable, fair, flexible and cost effective. 

BSB51107 Diploma of Management
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BSB40807 Certificate IV in Front Line Management
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BSB40407 Certificate IV in Small Business Management
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Training Needs Analysis
Our training needs analysis consultants assist organisations to identify their training needs and develop relevant solutions. Many problems or shortcomings which prevent organisations or employees from achieving their objectives can often be overcome, or at least minimised, through training and development activities.
Our consultants conduct a thorough Training Needs Analysis using the following process.
1. Identify the need- Is it an individual, single/multi strata or whole organisation need?
2. Involve everyone- management and employees.
3. Use proven techniques- literature research, interviews, appraisal interviews, observations, surveys, group discussions, online monitoring.
4. Ask relevant questions- management and employees.
5. Identify a training program. 
It is important to remember that no training should be arranged without first establishing that there is a clear need for it.

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Instructional Design & Development
Our instructional design & development consultants hold formal qualifications in education and are able to identify and match learning strategies and techniques to meet the needs of the audience, the organisation and the learning requirement. We are experienced in identifying individual and organisational training needs as well as creating learning materials & assessments to meet or surpass the required learning outcomes. 

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E-Learning Design & Development
Our e-learning consultants are qualified educators who understand adult and adolescent learning concepts. We are experienced in designing and developing instructionally sound training courses to meet the needs of the audience and the organisation. Along with considering the learning environment and any user limitations, we also ensure an appropriate usage of multimedia to enhance or increase user engagement, interest, knowledge retention and participation . We are experts in the conversion of paper-based content to an e-learning environment. 
E-learning is not just about substituting online modules for classroom training. The development of e-learning involves a lot of the traditional instructional design expertise, with an emphasis on the computer and program technologies available to the organisation. 
The same learning development tasks apply:
* learning needs analysis
* learning program design
* content design
* content development
* delivery.

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