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Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Vicki Roberts has developed into a multi-faceted and talented individual. Along with gaining maturity in outlook she has had many career shifts which have increased her knowledge and insight.
With her family's welfare in mind Vicki returned to study  after a few years in the workforce. All her studies have been completed as an external student.

University of Southern Queensland

[2005-2014] PhD in Education (Focus: International students in Australian TVET)
[2001-2005] Master in Education (Online learning)
[1995-1999] Bachelor in Teaching (Further Education and Training)

Open Learning Institute
[1995-1999] Advanced Diploma in Business (Accounting)

Southern Cross Connection
[2000] Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems

Other Formal Studies
2010 TAE10 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
2009 RABQSA International Quality Management Systems- Team Lead Auditor level
2003 Certificate IV in Language, Literacy & Numeracy Assessment & Training
2003 Cambridge International Examinations- Teaching with ICT
Other Certificates
Capacity Building
Working in Asia/pacific
Cultural Values
Cultural Awareness
Cross Cultural Communication
Australian Culture

Career paths
After completing high school Vicki commenced work as a registered hospital nurse. During her training she soon found it was not her area and moved into other career paths including retail, medical insurance, shop management, paralegal, office skills, accounts management, office management, bookkeeping, and accounting. She had already re-commenced vocational studies when in 1988 she started a tutor training program. Her childhood wish to be a teacher was re-visited. While working as an office manager during the day she tutored literacy students in the evening at the local college. Her income was needed by the family so while continuing her studies, she continued working and enjoyed both jobs. In 1990 Vicki furthered her college teaching qualifications which permitted her to train and assess Australian college students in small business finance and accounting. In 1990 Vicki also developed her first curriculum titled Bookkeeping for Small Business which she delivered as an evening class at two local colleges for current or potential small business operators.

In 1992 Vicki decided to focus on training as a career. She resigned her accounting job and commenced contracting to government funded small business training organisations. Within six months Vicki had decided to open her own college and provide government funded training to long term unemployed, people returning to the workplace, and those who wished to improve their office, business, and IT skills. Thus United Business Services College and Consultancy was born.

United Business Services College & Consulting Services
Vicki's consultancy company United Business Services Pty Ltd provided training and assessment services from 1992 to 2000. This included provision of nationally recognised courses and curriculum development for colleges and industry. During that period Australian vocational education evolved into a more regulated and quality responsive national system. In 2007 Vicki re-activated United Business Services Pty Ltd after she had spent some time working internationally. Vicki's consultancy continues to operate today. The audiences and organisations Vicki has assisted include
government, corporations, small business, youth, women, long term unemployed, disadvantaged and disenfranchised groups.
Vicki has been a capacity building and TVET consultant for many years. The following is a summary of some of her skills.

       * 20+ years in business development and project management

 * 20+ years experience in strategic and operational planning

 * 20+ years in human resource capacity developement

 * 20+ years in curriculum design and development to meet industry driven needs of local environment

 * 20+ years working with a wide range of public and private stakeholders including DFAT, World Bank and
    USAID donor clients

 * 15+ years experience in research, monitoring, and evaluation of projects using developed and
    sophisticated M&E systems

 * 15+ years experience developing and implementing ISO quality policies, procedures and systems

 * 15+ years experience in research, monitoring, and evaluation of projects

 * 14+ years experience in overseas and international development work

 * Lead expert experience with management of cross-cultural teams in PNG, Kiribati, Kuwait, Egypt,
   Afghanistan and Pakistan with private and donor funded projects

 * Expert experience with knowledge management frameworks, structures and systems

 * Excellent written communication skills for reporting, disseminating and broadcasting data

 * Excellent communication and negotiation skills for team leadership, lobbying and persuasive dialogue to
    assist in gaining stakeholder consensus

 * Excellent networking skills to develop new and maintain existing client relationships

 * Experience in monitoring and maintaining project work schedules to respect tight budgets and timeframes

 * MS Office Package (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Consulting projects

Vicki has provided services for many Australian & international public and private organisations. For a list of past projects and clients follow the people picture link.
Vicki's experience has been gained from work and travel in the following countries:
Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kiribati, PNG, Mauritius, Kuwait, Oman, United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Fiji.
Strengths & abilities
Over a 30 year career path Vicki has developed a number of characteristics that are valued. Below are some of them.
* self starter
* motivated
* goal setter
* problem solver
* work within budgets& time frames
* collaborative
* ethical

* flexible
* empathic
* conscientious
* team player

* lateral thinker
* inventive
* able to adapt
* honourable

* organized
* methodical
* detail thinker
* positive attitude

* mentor, coach
* team role model
* meticulous
* reliable
* analytical thinker
* innovative
* proactive
* participatory team leader
* strategic planner
* follows through
* focused 

For more details on how Vicki can assist your organisation please request a copy of her resume. The contacts page is accessed by clicking on Next.


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